Software Advice For Managers


Software Advice assists buyers through the buying process of purchasing software by offering individualized software recommendations which are specifically tailored to business requirements. Software Advice was founded in 2005 and provides one-on-1 advice assistance, objective research, and reliable insights that users find the most suitable solutions based on their unique situation. In addition, to impartial marketplace reports and thorough evaluations and comparisons of software systems customers can avail telephone consultations as well as referrals to industry experts. The company also offers a range of free tools and resources, including a vendor matchmaker and analyst certification program as well as a community of user-generated reviews. Software Advice is a part of the Gartner Digital Markets review site family, and has helped more than 750,000 people find the best software for their company.

Software Advice’s employees Software Advice are committed to maintaining a culture of customer service that has helped them become a market leader for customer acquisition and retention. The employee satisfaction is high and Software Advice’s top practices in hiring and training employees have been praised.

Software Advice was listed as one of the top 100 employers by The Austin Business Journal and named the top workplace by Texas Monthly. Managers at the company are highly efficient in engaging and motivating their teams, leading to excellent productivity. Software Advice was also praised for its innovative use of technology as well as for making use of social media to build their brand. In fact, Software Advice was the first online review site to launch a dedicated social media channel for each of its reviewed products.

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